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Ultraviolet Tools LLC

M50HO Rechargeable Longwave LED Flashlight

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Longwave 365nm LED Flashlight Kit includes  a internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery built into the flashlight. (provides 4-5 hours on constant on power} Unit is powered by a USB to Micro-USB power source.  (cable included)  The 365nm LED is filtered by a external filter to block any excess light generated by the LED.  (flashlight manufactured by Total-Lights)  Lamp includes 6 longwave fluorescent mineral samples and Ultraviolet blocking glasses. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Over 90 percent or 9 out of 10  of fluorescent minerals require a shortwave ultraviolet light source in order to glow.  This lamp is a longwave UV light aka blacklight.  If you wish to continue to collect fluorescent minerals it is highly recommended to buy shortwave UV lamp for your collecting pleasure.