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Here are a few testimonials from our customers...

M100HO Light

Hi Guys, you can also thank George Adelman.  He showed me your product at the MMNE mineral symposium and the product sold itself.
We have purchased the smaller units and have been very pleased, but this one seems more powerful and durable. Keep up the good work!! Scott
M101 sw/mw/lw UV lamp kit

Very nice item. Including three different frequency bulbs is sweet. I was expecting just the two and not the mid. range. Its a great addition to my collection. Will 5 star it

to everyone. Thank you so much. 

Ed  Blum
M100HO lamp kit

 All I can say is, WOW.
Tell your boss I said to give you a raise. :)

I can't ask for better service than this. I checked and its supposed to be here Thursday.

Thank You,

M100HO Lamp

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the package, and the SW and LW lights work wonderfully. Thank you!
- Brenton
Hi Tony,
I received the UV lamp, thank you. The shortwave works great for this size. The portability will come in handy when i go to Rock and Mineral faires in the future.
Thank You

11 watt UV lamp kit
My UV lamp arrived today and I'm really pleased with it.  I was able to look at the minerals I have in a whole new light!  The fluorescent samples you sent were also brilliant, so all in all, I'm really happy with this transaction. Thanks for getting the lamp and minerals to me so quickly.
It was good doing business with you and I look forward to doing more with you at some stage.
Gillian Tucker,
Victoria BC

M100E sw/lw UV lamp kit

I love this!   Thank you for such a wonderful set!!

Loralee Gerard

M100E 6 watt enhanced shortwave/longwave UV lamp kit

Hi Tony,

I just wanted to write to tell you how happy i am with my purchase, The light is super bright compared to the tiny dim light my uncle bought off ebay, and the fact that it came with the samples is amazing.  we vacation in Colorado and always go to the rock shops particularly dick's rock shop in estes park, so I'm excited to finally be able to light up some of the rocks i've gotten.

Thanks Again!

Nick Ramge

36 watt and 13 watt shortwave field lamps

Ok great.. been selling them easily. Once one guy buys one and everyone sees just how good they work, everyone wants one. We have a night dig coming this weekend for members.

Bill Kroth
President, Sterling Hill Mining Museum

13 watt shortwave field lamp

Just wanted to drop you a note -- I ordered the 13-watt. It arrived two days ago and it's terrific, just what I needed. Thanks!

Best regards,


39 watt shortwave field lamp


I got back home from the Super Dig yesterday. My wife and I spent our time looking at all the new goodies I found at Sterling Hill and the items she found at the local show here in our area. I just wanted to drop you a line or two to say I wish we could have met up at Sterling Hill at least to put a face to each of us after talking on the phone and email. But I understand you were very busy so maybe next time around.

I do want to let you know that everywhere I went during the night dig I had MANY great comments about my light. While others where on their hands and knees and some on their bellies I was walking upright, light hanging from a stamp I attached to my light. When I came close to these folks I lit up their area so bright they turned to me and asked "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT LIGHT"? I of course felt like I was a professional and long time collector of fluoressent material and told them where they too could get such a light. I was able to obtain a number of great finds walking around at night and I had no problems stumbling over big boulders to make these finds. I was able to cover LARGE swaths of ground radpidly. I have no doubt that if I did not have this light I would now be short at least 4 museum quality pieces. At the time I picked these up I did not know it but I had made friends with a couple of dealers and long time collectors who I should these pieces to and they said I had hit the jackpot. If you are a fan of "Duck Dynasty" as the father always says on the show I am "Happy, Happy. Happy".

Anyway I just wanted to let you know how well my dig went and to say thanks.

Carl Hampton
Deer Tree,
New Jersey

26 wat shortwave field lamp

I just received the lamp -- thank you for the additional specimens! Both the lamp and the specimens will be a nice addition to the display case the undergraduate Geology Club I advise is trying to put together.

Jose Miguel Hurtado, Jr., Ph.D., P.G.
Associate Professor of Geology
and Assistant Chair
The University of Texas at El Paso

6 watt triwave field lamp

Very nice lamp! Feels solid and has a good output. The problem I have had in the past was that the battery powered SW lamps did not have enough output to demonstrate the photoelectric effect.

Thanks so much for the minerals--especially that big chunk of calcite (the phosphorescence is very impressive; my calcite sample does not do that)! I do collect rocks and minerals and will probably purchase the fluorescent sets from Geosource at some point.

I notice you sent some Vaseline glass (marble). Oddly enough radioactivity is one of my interests. I have an Aware Electronics Geiger counter with a computer interface and a collection of radioactive minerals and consumer items. I do school demos on occasion.

I am going to recommend you to the owner at Science Lab Supplies.  They do not have a line of UV lights and I think your equipment would fill that niche. I assume that you sell wholesale.

Bill DiPuccio
Tallmadge, Ohio

39 watt shortwave field lamp

Those UV Lights you sent me are great! Much brighter than my 1950's era Raytheon lamps. I hope your convention in Denver "Rocked"!!! Thank you.

Leo Koncher

4 watt specimen lamp

Hi, just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the uv lamp. I have discovered that I have minerals I didn't know were fluorescent. The included mineral samples are really great.

Many thanks,


6 watt shortwave/longwave field lamp

The e-book was very informative and well done and the slide show was excellent. (I haven't scrutinized the other 2 things on the CD). I really like how the slide show photos did a fade in from normal light to UV light, that was a very nice effect to see the change in appearance with the rock being unmoved from the natural light position.

Could you tell me what minerals 2 of the photos in the slide show were pictures of, (they were unidentified in the slide show). They were rock number 2 and rock number 26. Thanks Tony !

(From what I have used the 6 watt UV lamp so far it is amazing how much difference it makes going from the 4 watt lamp to the 6 watt lamp, that 2 extra watts can make that much difference)

I'll see about posting a good review on the 6 watt lamp on several discussion boards I am a member of, probably within about a week or so after I have had a chance to write a well thought out informative review, so hopefully that will help get you some more sales as well as help people looking for an economical way to get started into studying  fluorescent minerals.

Gary Leight

6 watt shortwave/longwave fluorescent mineral kit

I watched the video. It was through and easy to understand. It answered all my questions. Also, I felt this was a deal that was a little hard to believe, but it is in fact, it's exactly as stated. I thought there would be a hidden cost somewhere somehow because the price is so low. But when you look at the entire package, I bought one immediately. It's a super deal.

If someone does not need a rugged light that is used in caves, ravens and climbing cliffs, then this unit is perfect for what I call "soft use" at home, in school or in the lab.

Maybe sometime they will make an adapter / transformer for use with 110v.

Thanks for the help, enjoy Memorial Day,

Earl Hamilton

M100 promo 6 watt shortwave/longwave fluorescent mineral kit

Through a sales flyer my rock club received, I ordered your field lamp. It is just the item I was looking for, and the "extras" that came with the lamp are great. I am very pleased with my purchase.

I run the fluorescent booth at our club's annual rock and gem show, which is held the first full weekend in November. I am constantly being asked by the public who see our booth, "Where can I buy an affordable lamp"? As a sales promo, if your company could send me a stack of your flyers, I could hand them out at the booth. Maybe a show sale price with a stop date would entice the public to make the purchase quicker. It's a great Christmas gift!


Bill Siebert

2 M100 triplewave 6 watt field lamp kit


I received the lamp and I am very pleased with it and the accessories. It's a great lamp and a great bargain. I'm ready to go hunting.


John Boyer