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Ultraviolet Tools LLC

M12 4 watt Shortwave Ultraviolet Lamp

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4 watt Shortwave Filtered Ultraviolet Lamp.  Our lamps made by Ultraviolet Tools LLC use a specialized glass optical filter that blocks the visible light generated by the bulb while allowing the invisible shortwave UV radiation to pass the filter and excite the electrons inside fluorescent minerals.  9/10 fluorescent rocks need a filtered shortwave lamp.  A longwave aka blacklight will be of little use to most fluorescent minerals.  The UV lamp also have many other uses such as security detection, tin glass detection, stamp collectors phosphor tagging detection and much more.

Technical information

DC Operated requires 4 AA batteries
Dimensions 6" x 2" x 3/4 "
Shortwave Output 254nm Fluorescent Bulb
White Light Side LED
Wrist Lanyard
Side kick stand

90 Day Warranty from Ultraviolet Tools LLC