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Ultraviolet Tools LLC

M12 Shortwave - Longwave UVC - UVA 255nm 365nm Ultraviolet Flashlight

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Redesigned for 2024 this UV flashlight is the perfect tool for use with fluorescent minerals. With advanced LED lighting technology, it provides bright and efficient illumination in both longwave and shortwave Ultraviolet. Its compact size and durable construction make it a reliable companion on your outdoor collecting adventures at a unbeatable price. 
One of the very few benefits from the pandemic was the advancements pertaining to shortwave UV LED technology.  Shortwave UV-C radiation breaks down bacterial and viral organisms and is also the primary wavelength needed for collecting fluorescent minerals.  Over 90 percent of fluorescent rocks need shortwave UV in order to glow while less than 10 percent will respond to longwave UV-A radiation aka "blacklight UV".  Our pocket UV flashlight provides both types of UV in one flashlight for the best of both worlds!

One side contains 3 x 255nm UV-C leds while the other side contains 3 x 365nm leds. True Longwave Leds must be 365nm any UV led higher than 365nm are worthless because they put out to much purple light along with the longwave invisible UV radiation.  Each wavelength is turned on by a dedicated on/off button.  Internally is a 18650 lithium battery which is rechargeable with the included USB power cable.  

Additional built in features include automatic shut down after 10 minutes of constant use.  The auto shut down can be bypassed if so desired.  Additional safety features include low voltage battery shutdown and thermal cutoff to prevent any damages to battery and leds. Special lock out feature also prevents unwanted or accidental turning on of UV flashlight.

Bonus items included: 100 percent UV Blocking safety glasses and one multi reactive Challenger Cave specimen.  Reactive pink under longwave and blue/white under shortwave with a sharp blue phosphorescent reaction after the shortwave UV is turned off!

Take advantage now for this special offer!

Technical Details:
Size: 5.4"Length x .56" Width x .56" Height
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium-Ion
Housing type:  Aluminum
UV LED Type: 255nm x 3 365nm x 3
Charging type: USB
Thermal & Low battery protection built in.
Runtime: 2 hours per charge.

90 day full warranty.