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Ultraviolet Tools LLC

M102HO Longwave - Midwave - Shortwave 11 watt lamp with Display Stand

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Currently out of stock The M102HO comes with a specialized optical filter that blocks out visible light while allowing UV to pass.  The UV radiation makes the rocks glow.  Most rocks need shortwave UV to glow but many will respond under midwave and longwave UV.  The stand is a additional bonus to be able to share your fluorescent minerals with friends and family.  

Key features of lamp kit:

  • Affordable Ultraviolet lamp in the shortwave, midwave, longwave  ultraviolet.  90% of all fluorescent minerals need a filtered shortwave UV light source 254nm (NOT A BLACKLIGHT)
  • Filtered Shortwave, midwave, longwave fluorescent tubes: 11 Watts - fluorescent bulbs that are included need to be exchanged one at a time.  The optical filter blocks any visible light generated by the bulb.  
  • Lamp measures approx. 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2" - arm strap is attached to the lamp for security
  • LED side flashlight helps with nighttime exploration.
  • 10 Fluorescent rocks samples provided from several locations and are 1 to 2 inches in size.  Each mineral is separately bagged and labeled.
  • UV blocking safety glasses block 99.9% of allUV rays and provides eye protection when breaking rocks.

Requires 3 D batteries. Batteries are not included.

1 year warranty
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