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Ultraviolet Tools LLC


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11 watt shortwave UV lamp with side LED flashlight for hunting fluorescent minerals Also included are UV blocking safety glasses.  No minerals included lamp only.


  • Very affordable Ultraviolet lamp emitting shortwave ultraviolet radiation.  90% of all fluorescent mineral species need a filtered shortwave UV light source emitting a peak UV of 254nm (THIS IS NOT A BLACKLIGHT aka longwave UV)
  • Lamp is a special filtered Shortwave fluorescent tube lamp - 11 Watts - The special Shortwave bulb emits the UV behind filter lense. Optical filter blocks any visible light generated by the bulb while allowing the invisible UV radiation to excite the electrons inside of fluorescent rocks.  
  • Special UV tuned metal reflector to maximize the UV output from the lamp.
  • Lamp measures approximately 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2" - wrist strap included for additional lamp security. Lamp weighs under a pound and a half with 3 D batteries installed.
  • LED side flashlight helps with nighttime exploration while trying to reach creeks, caves, or other old rock mine tailings. 
  • UV blocking safety glasses  included to help block UV rays and provide eye protection when breaking rocks.

Requires 3 D batteries. Batteries are not included. New high quality batteries required for maximum UV output.