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Ultraviolet Tools LLC

C11 - Longwave Fluorescent Mineral Kit (10 Specimens)

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Enjoy a extra unique collection of 10 fluorescent mineral specimens that respond and change color under LONGWAVE ultraviolet light.  Only about 9 out of 10 specimens will respond under longwave UV aka a blacklight.  These do make these specimens harder to obtain.  Each specimen ranges in size from 1 to 1 1/2 inches and are labeled and bagged individually in their own seperate baggie.  Some specimens may also change to more than one color when exposed to midwave or shortwave UV light. 

Please note:  Longwave UV aka a blacklight is the most common type of UV radiation sold.  These specimens are specifially selected to respond under longwave UV.  9 out of 10 specimens need a shortwave UV lamp in order to respond to a different color.  If your desire is to continue collecting lots of different types of fluorescent minerals you are best suited to obtain a shortwave UV lamp for your collecting activities.  Either way these longwave specimens are a rare and unique opportunity to collect a very nice collection of multi color specimens that will respond under a common blacklight.  Enjoy!